Ristorante Pizzeria La Corte Rubiera


Espresso€ 1,50
Spiked coffee€ 2,00
Decaf coffee€ 2,00
Macchiato€ 2,00
Barley coffee€ 2,00
Ginseng coffee€ 2,50
Warm tea€ 1,50
Tonic liquors and liquors
Sambuca€ 4,00
Averna€ 4,00
Montenegro€ 4,00
Jefferson€ 4,00
Jagermeister€ 4,00
Lucano€ 4,00
Petrus€ 4,00
Unicum€ 4,00
Brancamenta€ 4,00
Borsci San Marzano€ 4,00
Grand Marnier€ 4,00
Cointreu€ 4,00
Nocino il Mallo€ 4,00
Nocino on the rocks€ 4,00
Amaro del capoServed ice-cold€ 4,00
Liquirizia anima nera (liquorice, served ice-cold)€ 4,00
Pure liquirice made tonic liquor from Calabria 'CAFFO'€ 4,00
Il Primo Liquore di Liquirizia " (the first liquorice tonic liquor)€ 4,00
Limoncino (served ice-cold)€ 3,00
DorangeFor the first time the uniqueness of Grappa Amarone Barrique meets the appealing scent of selected Sicilian oranges zests. Such an extraordinary combination gives birth to an equally extraordinary liquor. Aristocratic, smooth, strong-minded, with no added flavours. The authentic personality of the unmistakable Amarone Barrique perfectly matches the Sicilian cheerfulness. You never tasted suchn an OF.€5,50
Liquor with Grappa, Amarone and Barrique€ 3,00
Grappas€ 3,50
903 Tipica€ 3,50
903 Barrique€ 4,00
Poli Morbida€ 4,00
Prime Uve Bianche€ 4,00
18 Lune Barrique Stravecchia€5,50
Vecchia Grappa Caffo barrique€5,50
Grappa OF Amarone Barrique BonolloGrappa OF Amarone Barrique comes from the marcs of the raisin grapes out of which the exquisite Amarone della Valpolicella wine is made. The mastery of Bonollo distillers allows to impress the singular profile coming from the barriqued grappa, so distinguishable because of its exceptional richness and colourful scent, a balanced smoothness capable of impress the most demanding experts. Its ageing is carefully carried out in small french durmast barriques, where harmonious and delicate spiced tones name this grappa the exclusive title of barriqued.€5,50
Grappa OF Ligneum Cru Italie BonolloThe colourful scent of this grappa, obtained by the most representative raisins ofItalian excellency, is matched by the delicate spiced, vanilla-flavoured sensations coming from the ageing in Slavonia's durmast expressing a one of a kind harmony, candour and smoothness.Such value is also expressed in the original case that highlights dynamism and the corporate mission towards innovation.€5,50
Cuvée Grappa Riserva BonolloFrom a unique blend of Bonnollo master distillers and several special vintages of reserved grappas, this spirit creates a harmonious, elegant personality. Its scents are revealing of a passion for the alembic, in a legacy of secrets passed on by many generations of the Bonollo family, for a resulting identity made of balance and mellowness.€ 6,00
Rum€ 6,00
Zacapa€ 7,00
Don Papa€ 6,00
Whisky€ 6,00
Jb€ 6,00
Jameson€ 6,00
Jack Daniels€ 6,00
Chivas€ 6,00
Baileys whisky cream€ 6,00
Carlos I€ 6,00
Vecchia Romagna€ 5,00