Ristorante Pizzeria La Corte Rubiera



Fried dumplings with 24-month aged prosciutto€ 5,00 
Cold cuts and onion savoury Pie with bruschettas€ 6,00 
Baked fleece with bacon on mesclun served with balsamic vinegar€ 5,00 
Spinach pie with smoked scamorza fondue€ 5,00 
Marinated beef carpaccio on mesclun served with Grana Padano Cheese’s flakes and balsamic vinegar’s topping€ 7,00 
Grilled octopus with cherry tomatoes and chopped parsley potatoes€ 8,00 


Sautéed Cappellacci pasta della Corte (spinach, 24-month aged parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese filling) with tomato sauce and stewed bacon€ 10,00 
Vegetable-stuffed Tortelli pasta with ricotta cheese, spinach, butter and sage€ 9,00 
Pumpkin-stuffed Tortelli pasta with traditional sautéed vegetables (pork fat, onion and tomato)€ 9,00 
Cappelletti pasta - meat filling - with cream cheese€ 10,00 
Cappelletti pasta - meat filling - in broth€ 10,00 
Tagliatelle pasta with boar ragu€ 10,00 
Pappardelle pasta “alla Fiorentina” with mushroom sauce€ 10,00 
Scialatielli fresh pasta with musky octopus€ 12,00 
Gramigna fresh egg pasta with sausage€ 7,50 
Tagliatelle fresh egg pasta with ragu sauce€ 8,50 

N.B. You cannot exceed 3 different main courses per table


Hugs of the gods (chicken fillets wrapped in speck ham and escaloped with tequila and pine nuts) € 8,00 
Sausage tidbits with lambrusco wine sauce and crispy vegetables€ 8,00 
Grilled beef fillets€ 15,00 
Crusted beef fillets with porcini mushrooms cream€ 18,00 
Beef fillet with green pepper or balsamic vinegar€ 18,00 
Beef sliced steak with rocket leaves and Grana padano cheese€ 15,00 
Rosemary beef sliced steak€ 15,00 
Grilled lamb ribs with Bernese sauce€ 12,00 
Mixed grilled meat ( 2 people minimum) per person€ 15,00 
Chicken or pork Breaded cutlet € 7,00 
Grilled chicken breast € 7,00 
Grilled beef sliver € 7,00 
Grilled seabass fillet with chickpea cream and cherry tomato confit€ 15,00 


Spinach with oil or parmigiana-styled€ 4,00
Grilled or steamed vegetables€ 4,00
Boiled or baked potatoes flavoured with oil and parsley€ 4,00
French fries/Chips flavoured with rosemary€ 3,50
Mixed salad / green salad / tomato and onion€ 3,00


Air-cured beef, rocket leaves and grana padano cheese€ 7,00 
Caprese: buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and oregano€ 6,50 
Della Corte: cooked vegetables (green bean, baby carrot, broccoli and boiled potatoes) mixed salad, sliced tomatoes and parmesan cheese flakes€ 7,00 
Classica: mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, corn, olives, eggs, tuna, mozzarella€ 6,50 
Robusta: mixed salad, walnuts, champignon mushrooms, air-cured beef, grana padano cheese flakes and balsamic vinegar.€ 8,00 
Mare e monti: mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, shrimps and rocket leaves€ 7,00 
Estiva: Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano€ 6,50 

N.B. You cannot exceed 3 different cold dishes or salads per table

“*” Possible frozen products