Ristorante Pizzeria La Corte Rubiera



6 pieces of fried pizza with no toppings served with 24-month aged prosciutto€ 6,00
Board of cold cuts and cheese with taggiasca olives, bruschettas with olive oil and compote of onions 1-7-12€ 9,00
Baked tosone cheese wrapped in bacon on a mesclun and frosting of balsamic vinegar 7-12€ 8,00
Spinach pie with a fondue of smoked scamorza cheese 3-7€ 8,00
Carpaccio of marinated beef on a mesclun with grana padano cheese flakes and balsamic vinegar frosting 7-12€ 10,00
Grilled octopus with cherry tomatoes and chopped parsley potatoes€ 8,00 
Fried zucchini blossoms "alla romana" (mozzarella and anchovies) 4 pcs€ 6,00
Crunchy octopus rolled in breadded (bread and eggs), creamed potatoes, ginger,saffron on mesclun of valerian and confit plum tomates 1 - 3 - 4 - 14€ 12,00
Seafood salad (cuttlefish, prawns and octopus) with carpaccio of fennel and slices of orange with bruschettas 2 - 4 - 14€ 13,00
Mussel sautè with bruschettas€ 12,00
King-size seafood starter for two people:

Tasting of seafood salad, shrimps cocktail, carpaccio of swordfish flavoured with pink pepper, marinated anchovies, mussel sautè "alla tarantina" (tomato sauce, parsley, wine, pepper, garlic) and brischettas with butter and salmon (1,2,3,4,7,9,12,14)
€ 35,00
N.B. max 3 different first course per table


Cappellacci della Corte (ravioli stuffed with spinach, 24-month aged parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese) pan fried with tomato sauce, cream and stewed bacon 1-3-7-9-12€ 14,00
Green tortelli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, butter and sage 1-3-7€ 12,00
Pumpkin tortelli with sautè "alla reggiana" (lard, shallot and condensed tomato) 1-3-7-€ 12,00
Cappelletti (stuffed pasta with cream or capon) in broth 1-3-7-9 / 1-3-7€ 12,00
Tagliatelle with knife-cut wild boar 1-3-9-12-7€ 12,00
Tagliatelle with porcino mushroom ragù 1-3-12€ 12,00
Chicche alla Norcina
(dumplings with sausage, cream and truffle scent) 1-7-3
€ 13,00
Spaghetti with squid ink and seafood ragù (flying squid and cuttlefish) 1-9-14€ 13,00
Trofie pasta with white swordfish ragù, eggplant and confit plum tomato, sprinkled lime, mint and crumb of Bronte pistachio€ 15,00
Seafood linguine pasta (mussels, clams, calamari, shrimps etc.) 1-2-4-12-14€ 16,00
Cappellacci stuffed pasta with seabass, stone bass, ricotta cheese with smoked prawns, confit plum tomatoes, pine nuts and lime zest 1-2-3-4-7-8-12-14€ 14,00
Spaghetti with clams and saffron/spaghetti with clams 1-2-4-12-14€ 12,00
Risotto with zucchini and shrimps 2-4-9-12€ 13,00
Risotto with seafood mesclun (2,4,7,9,12,14)€ 15,00
N.B. max 3 different first courses per table

N.B. You cannot exceed 3 different main courses per table


Hugs of the gods (chicken filets wrapped in speck and escaloped with vodka and pine nuts) 5-8-12€ 10,00
Bite-sized sausage with concentration of lambrusco wine and crunchy vegetables 1-9-12€ 10,00
Grilled beef filet€ 18,00
Creamy beef filet with selected dried porcino mushrooms 1€ 20,00
Grileld beef filet with aged balsamic vinegar 7 - 12€ 20,00
Beef filet with blueberry and balsamic vinegar sauce 12€ 20,00
Beef sliced steak ( Argentinian Angus ) with Valerian and nuts and 12-year-old aged balsamic vinegar 8€ 20,00
Beef sliced steak ( Argentinian Angus ) with rocket and grana padano cheese 7€ 18,00
Beef sliced steak ( Argentinian Angus ) with rosemary€ 18,00
Grilled lamb ribs sided with Vornoff sauce 7 - 10€ 12,00
Mix grilled meat (2 people minimum) per person€ 16,00
Ingredients: pork ribs, beef sliced steak, sausage, braciola, coppa ,petto di pollo
Duck sliced steak in salted crust, caviar, balsamic vinegar and raspberry coulis 12€ 18,00
Grilled seabass filet with confit plum tomatoes and flavoured oil 4€ 15,00
Grilled salmon 4€ 18,00
Mixed grilled fish ( 2 people minimum) per person 2-4-14€ 20,00
Ingredients: grilled octopus, sea bream filet, prawns, cuttlefish skewers, king prawn, Norway lobsters
Fish mixed fry 1 - 2 - 4 - 9 -14€ 15,00
Ingredients: calamari, prawns, king prawns and battered vegetables
Grilled octopus on a bed of roast-eat potatoes and mesclun of rocket 1 - 3 - 14€ 18,00
Swordfish slice "all'eoliana"€ 20,00
Olives, capers, confit plum tomatoes and parsley. 4 - 9 - 12
Tuna fish sliced steak in pistachios crust 3 - 4 - 8€ 22,00
Calamari "alla mediterranea" with a soft, rich stuffing of flavoured bread ,eggs, calamari tentacles, Cantabrian anchovies and parsley(1,2,3,4,7,12,14)€ 18,00


Spinach with olive oil€ 4,00
Grilled/boiled vegetables€ 4,50
Boiled potatoes flavoured with olive oil and parsley/ baked potatoes 7€ 4,00
French fries/chips flavoured with rosemary€ 3,50
Mixed salad/green salad/tomato and onion salad€ 3,00
N.B. maximum of 3 different dishes per table


Air-cured beef, rocket and grana padano cheese 7€ 8,50
Caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and oregano€ 9,00
Della Corte: baked vegetables (french beans, carrots, broccoli and boiled potatoes) mixed salad,€ 9,00
Sliced tomatoes and parmesan cheese flakes 7
Classic: mixed salad, plum tomatoes, mais, olives, egg, tuna fish and mozzarella€ 7,50
Robust: mixed salad, nuts, champignon mushrooms, air-cured beef, grana padano cheese flakes and balsamic vinegar. 7-8-12€ 8,50

N.B. You cannot exceed 3 different cold dishes or salads per table

“*” Possible frozen products